Fall posts are appearing on my dash and it makes me all tingly inside and I’m so excited! Posted Sep 2, 2014 → Reblog

kitchen by Jeff Watson Homes, Inc. http://www.houzz.com/photos/1523205/Model-Home-132-Vista-Lane-Georgetown-Tx-mediterranean-kitchen-austin


good morning c: haha

ugh Jordan, just do me.
Here is a picture for the anon who wanted to see. The first pic was in 2013 around when I first got sick and then the bottom on was early 2014 and then the other was is of me today.
Anonymous: Post a before pic!

Ok I’ll post one right now.

Answered: September 9, 2014
I’ve lost so much weight from being so sick and it’s kinda sad because it’s from not eating so much or throwing up. I want lose weight, but not this way though.
Hi babies! ❤ going out to celebrate my sister’s 22nd birthday at Applebee’s.

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